...the memories I never can escape.

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Mikey + Pikachu

Ppl call me kitten cause I’m a badass right?

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All Time Low // Stella (x)


All Time Low // Stella (x)

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Anonyme asked: what are you favorite things about zayn both looks and personality wise? (I just love asking zayn girls this cus they always give the cutest answers for the personality part)


Physically, everything about Zayn is flawless. His face was crafted by God’s own two hands. His neck, especially with the neck veins, is just beautiful. His collarbones are my favorite. Which reminds me that he has the most beautiful skin I’ve ever seen. His shoulder-to-waist ratio is the sexiest thing ever. His tiny pecs and abs leave me breathless. He is one of the most gorgeous men to ever walk this earth.


Zayn has SUCH a big heart. Aside from doing charity work and helping to bring awareness to certain organizations with the band he does so on an individual level as well. He selflessly donates money to various organizations without recognition. He uses his artistic abilities to help raise money for organizations in his own free time. He’s so generous

It’s obvious that his family and friends hold a special place in that big heart of his too. He’s so caring and loving to the people in his life who matter most to him. Fondness radiates off of him when he’s with the people he loves. & he’s so fiercely loyal to them. 

& Zayn is a protector. He’s always looking out for his sisters, making sure they aren’t effected by his fame. & he’s always quick to defend the other boys or team up with them if they need him. Always quick to watch out for them or save them from walking into flames (Harry). 

Zayn is SO intelligent. He’s so smart. He’s knowledgable in things that matter. & I would argue that he’s the most articulate one in the band. & he’s  such a nerd. He gets all giddy and childlike over Marvel, super heroes, comics, power rangers, etc. It’s the best thing in the world. 

He’s also so passionate especially about things that matter to him. Ask him about his art and watch his eyes light up and his speech quicken with excitement. & he’s so creative

He’s a big softy. He loves animals, cuddling up even with his bearded dragon. Taking selfies with them all; dogs, cats, giraffes, lizards. (Although Zuppy is always number one).

Zayn is strong and brave. He’s faced so much adversity being in One Direction. He’s been taunted for being Muslim and for being a POC in the music industry. He’s received so many hateful tweets and messages to the point where he deleted his twitter because it was too much. But he’s learned how to handle it and he’s even recently pushed it all aside to tweet his support of Palestine. 

He’s a very chill and laid-back person. The fame never gets to his head. On his days off, we rarely see him. He loves being home and being lazy. But he’s also such a goofball. I love the moments when we get to see him making jokes or acting silly, running around, causing mayhem with the other boys. 

There is SO MUCH MORE to love about Zayn. I can write pages about how wonderful he is. Zayn is actual sunshine and all things good and sweet and happy in the world. Protect Zayn at all costs

I spent like 10 years of my life pretending to fly around on a broomstick and you’re asking me if preparing for a love scene was ‘tricky’ because the other person also had a penis?

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